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Restyling of our web site
After several months of work, we are glad to present new version of our web site.
We worked to make it tidier and of easier use, so as to allow a better look of our products.
Hoping that these improvements will bring benefits to our visitors, we wish everyone a good surfing!

XTE was set up in 1992 to represent a business unit inside the Sound Corporation group dedicated to implementing “commercial sound” products, that is, audio systems for public, commercial and industrial environment address systems. Reliability and skill together with extensive expertise in production processes ensure the implementation of professional electronic equipment that keeps in step with the great technological evolution in this sector.

XTE thanks to its integrated research, design and manufacturing system, commits itself not just as a simple supplier but as a real partner for the Client helping in all application and design aspects and with three clear-cut targets to reach: to be competitive in costs, reliable with its service and quick in response times.

XTE Electronic

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